Working conditions

Any person, customer or business can make comissions following these conditions:

- Main art technic: pencils and graphite on A3/A4 format.
It's possible to use other dry technics and color. Prices adjusted to the complexity of the work.

- 50% prepayment, minimum, will be required. The rest will be payed once I end the artwork, and always before sending.

- Previous sketches: 20€
The first sketch will be part of the final illustration price. Some little changes before it's OK, but If I have to re start again, I have to start charging new sketches.

- PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal is preferable. I also accept bank transfer.

- Payment will be made in Euros (€). The client will bear the applicable foreign exchange charges.

- Sending costs not included.

- Delivery date agreed between Author and Client. Changeable by agreement of both parties.
Once agreed, and made the prepayment, the Author agrees to do his work. It will be delivered once the final payment is done.

- The Author agrees to submit a good quality and durable work.

- ** Client will be the owner of the physical artwork, but NOT of the Exploitation Rights and Intellectual Property of the same, which will always remain of the Author.

- Author understands that, once all the proposals have been analyzed and the agreement is made, the Client trust in the final result, so changes or refunds won't be accepted.

- The Author agrees to be as fast as it's possible to answer, agree or refuse comissions.

- The Author offer the option to get a digital scanned copy of the work in the case of not wanting to spend extra shipping costs.Digital copy is free.

- To make an order entails accepting all terms here exposed.